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Brenda M. Negri

  • Self-taught writer, internationally published free-lance author and long time rancher Brenda M. Negri earned a living horseback for many years as a working buckaroo on several huge cattle and sheep ranch operations in the 1970’s and 1980’s in Nevada, California, Oregon and Idaho. It was then she was first exposed to Livestock Guardian Dogs used by Basque sheepherders who would pass through the ranches she worked on with their bands of sheep. Working for the legendary Nevada Marvel Ranches family cattle and sheep ranching dynasty, she spent some time with world-renowned horse trainer, Tom Dorrance. His teachings, along with the Marvel’s horsemanship practices, deeply influenced her training and rearing methods with Livestock Guardian Dogs. She is a devotee of European dog authority and trainer Turid Rugaas and was the first American LGD breeder and trainer to promote Rugaas’ books and the use and understanding of canine body language extensively with LGDs. 
  • Negri’s papers and articles on working Catahoula Leopard Dogs; the desolate and tough ranch life of big outfit buckaroos; and numerous articles on Livestock Guardian Dogs, have been in print internationally for 40 years. Those publications include Dog World Magazine, El Mundo del Perro (Spain), Western Horseman, Molosser Magazin (Germany), Sheep! Magazine, Western Ag Reporter, Acres USA, Dairy Goat Journal, Goat Rancher, Working Ranch Magazine, Winnemucca News Reporter, Countryside Magazine & Small Stock Journal, Backyard Poultry, RANGE Magazine, Nevada Rancher, Farm Show, The Shepherd, Western Ag Reporter, Goat Journal Magazine, The Akbash Sentinel, and others. Her Catahoula Leopard dog Clem was used as the breed example in The Atlas of Dog Breeds of The World. Several of her papers on LGDs were included in the 2016 French published book by renowned French LGD expert Mathieu Mauries, Le Montagne des Pyrenees. Negri and her dogs have been profiled in articles in RANGE Magazine, Working Ranch Magazine, Ranch World Ads, Cowboy Ethics, Kurt Markus’ book Buckaroo: Images from the Sagebrush Basin, and The Nevada Rancher. 
  • Negri’s dogs were featured in an multi award-nominated 2012 short film, Working on Common Ground: Livestock Guardian Dogs, produced by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores. To date it remains the most watched film on Livestock Guardian Dogs ever produced, with over several millions of hits. Her well-known dogs and training methods are featured in three Dogumentary TV specials on You Tube which is now going off of millions of hits. Since 2009 Negri’s ranch-based regularly licensed and permitted Livestock Guardian Dog operation has produced LGDs who, along with their progeny, are working in over 80% of the country and in two Canadian provinces. In addition, several European LGD dog owners and supporters constantly please over Negri's dogs and experience.
  • Negri served as a consultant to the American Sheep Industry owned insurance company’s Working Dog Liability Insurance program, She authored it’s Loss Prevention Manuals and assisted in creating and implementing the ground breaking program in 2015 and 2016. She has served as an expert witness on a high profile famous trial involving Livestock Guardian Dogs and owners. 
  • Negri, 63, is a proud grandmother, semi-retired and lives on her Cinco Deseos Ranch in Northern Nevada, ten miles south of Winnemucca. She has a popular consulting service to help LGD owners with their questions and training issues. Her website is at and her popular blog is at She is working on her next book, The Big Out There: A Buckaroo Life in Words and Art, a compilation of vignettes, stories and her whimsical buckaroo drawings based on her time spent working on large cattle ranches in four states. This is her first book.

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Livestock Guardian Dog Consulting

Several years have been kindly provided to many LGD owners full-on consultant and advice for those who desperately need help, advice and knowledge, including puppy growth, older dog issues, working LGDs with livestock, and much more. The $50.00 one time fee is given owners lots of advice, helps and honest truth and help. PayPal is easily sent on their consulting fee. 


The Famous Spanish Mastiffs and Pyrenean Mastiffs

My several years have produced some of the greatest LGDs ever born and raised on my ranch. From Great Pyrenees and Kangals, Spanish Mastiffs to Pyrenean Mastiffs and other crosses bred over years, my dogs have been famous over their lives and families. Please note that my dogs are not being bred at this time due to my own recent hospital and health. However, my dogs are still here and doing great as always on my ranch. I do have assisted many people to help with finding SMs or PMs, mostly from Europe (Spain and other countries, and are extremely famous breeders of fame and renown.)


The Way of The Pack: Understanding and Living With Livestock


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