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Brenda M. Negri Negri resides 10 miles outside of Winnemucca, Nevada on a small high desert ranch located at 4,500 feet elevation, 

where since 2009 she has raised and written about Livestock Guardian Dogs.

A widely published freelance writer since the early 1980’s, Pasadena, California-born 65 year old Negri’s written works have been published here and abroad in such diverse dog and livestock publications as The Western Horseman Magazine, ACRES Magazine, Dog World, El Mundo del Perro in Spain, Western Ag Reporter, Sheep! Magazine, The Shepherd, the once famous Molosser Magazin in Germany, Goat Rancher, Dairy Goat Journal, Countryside Living Magazine, The Nevada Rancher Magazine and Farm Show.  Negri’s several articles were included and featured on a famous French book on LGDs by Mathieu Mauries, Le Montagne des Pyrenees.

She contributes articles on LGDs regularly in numerous magazines. Negri’s LGD breeding program and her dogs were featured in a multiple-award nominated short film by Conservation Media and People and Carnivores, Livestock Guardian Dogs: Working on Common Ground. Negri has worked with the famous Living With Wolves non-profit organization and is a strong advocate of the use of LGDs for stockmen’s co-existence with predators, including wolves, bear, mountain lions and coyotes. Negri is a staunch believer of promoting predators and believes dogs co-existing with humans and predators can work better and in most instances, by living a kinder way of life.

Negri has lived in California, Idaho, Oregon and Nevada. Besides a several decade of full time cowboying under her belt with her husband , her history includes ranches as Maggie Creek Ranch, Tom Marvel Ranches, The Gamble - Winecup Ranch, Forbes Ranches, Marvel Brothers Ranching, Trout Creek Ranch, Sunnyside Feedlots, Simplot Feedlots, Estill Ranches, and their own contract cowboying company, CalOrVada Cowboys. Negri has donned many hats in occupations ranging from working as a motel maid near Big Pine, California to a public safety dispatcher for the California Highway Patrol in Bishop, CA; a federal airport security for the Department of Homeland Security; colt starting and horse training; working for a private investigator in LA; an office manager for a construction company and running the famous Minaret Pack Station resort, over 7,200 feet high in the Western Sierra Nevada in central California. 

Her interest in and love for dogs has spanned her entire life.  She has the distinction of having imported over from Europe the most Spanish Mastiffs dogs in America, a breed she specializes in and loves.  Her famous stud dog Furiano, has been famous as being one of the largest, tallest Spanish Mastiffs ever recorded in the USA. Her breeds have also included famous 

Pyrenean Mastiffs, Kangals, Great Pyrenees and Anatolian x Maremmas.

Since hit out of nowhere in September 17, 2018 with the beginning of sickness and her shock with the dreaded disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Negri manages to hang on “one day at a time” while stays home at her 5 acres ranch outside of Winnemucca, Nevada. 

Alone where her eight beautiful huge LGD dogs and a plump pair of sheep remain on her ranch, Negri finished her second book the end of July, 2019, The Big Out There: A Buckaroo Life in Words and Art. The famous magazine, The Western Horseman, did a bang-up review on her new book that has grown very famous and popular with many ranchers, horsemen and stock people. “It is truly a window into a world long gone. A simpler, more elegant time,” commented by William Reynolds, famous author, film producer, horseman, rancher and magazine writer.

Negri’s next and third book has just begun work January of 2020 called

God Saints and LGDs: The Faith, Compassion and Prayers for Owners, Predators and Livestock Guardian Dogs.